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Technology That Drives Success

Flexible, secure solutions for order management, inventory control, and seamless integration.


The Reporting You Need - Anytime, Anywhere

We know that standard reports from off-the-shelf solutions just won’t suffice for many clients, which is why we developed our proprietary technology platform to allow for maximum flexibility and scalability. We can easily customize to your requirements and make changes quickly and cost-effectively to deliver the custom reporting and data insights you need to manage your business.

You can access your data from any web-based browser to check inventory, orders, and everything necessary to effectively manage product fulfillment in real-time.

Easy, Robust eCommerce Integrations

Advanced integrations and tailored solutions  to support all your eCommerce channels.

  • Integration with Popular eCommerce and CRM Platforms
  • Direct Drop Ship Integration with Top Retail Online Marketplaces
  • Multiple Integration Options, Including API and Flat File
  • Secure Reporting, Customized to Your Needs
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Ecommerce package being delivered to a customer

Complete Omnichannel Fulfillment Support

Enjoy full-service 3PL support for retail, D2C, and eCommerce sales, with value-added services to streamline your logistics.

Flexible Warehouse Management Solutions

Access your inventory, orders, and sales 24 hours a day with our proprietary warehouse management systems (WMS) – Logistica for retail reporting and Infoshare for D2C/eCommerce channels. 

Our system is designed to meet your unique needs and can be updated quickly to address changes, limited-time promotions, or new reporting requirements. And you can count on us to go above and beyond with comprehensive integration and programming support.

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  • Customizable Technology Platform
  • Enables Fast, Cost-Effective Updates
  • Secure EDI Integration
  • Support for X12 and Other Standards
  • Experienced In-House Programming Team
  • Access to Real-time Data Anytime, Anyplace

Comprehensive, Secure EDI Integrations

Ensure seamless transactions and accurate data for even the most detailed retailer requirements.

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All EDI Protocols Supported
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Meet Retailer EDI Compliance
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IT Setup and Monitoring
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Tech-Enabled Fulfillment and Logistics

Need something specific? We can help. Contact us for a free consultation.