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Value-Added Services That Go the Distance

From kitting and packaging to product assembly and rework - get specialized support that exceeds your expectations.

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Get More from Your 3PL Provider

Our many years of experience means we’ve seen or done it all! We can accommodate a broad range of requests to help you save money, shorten delivery times, or improve your customers' experience. Our extensive value-added services include custom kitting, displays, product rework and refurbishment, re-boxing, reticketing, and more.

Don't be afraid to ask what we can do, because we might surprise you.

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Kit Assembly

Ship your bundled products, subscription boxes, or other curated product offerings in perfect order. We have the ability to kit for orders with identical or personalized items.

Refurbished circuit board parts
Product Rework and Refurbishment

Maintain, upgrade, or completely rework your inventory pre- or post-sale with parts replacement, software updates, and reprogramming and testing.

Display design and assembly
Display Design and Assembly

Make your products stand out while meeting the strict requirements for point-of-purchase (POP or PDQ) displays with our personalized design, material sourcing, and assembly services.

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We'll help you source the right packaging to protect your products, optimize shipping costs, or create a memorable unboxing experience.

Label scanning
Ticketing and Labeling

Ensure items are correctly tagged and labeled when they arrive at their destination, with the data and format your business requires.

Retail and D2C Fulfillment to Help You Scale

You need a 3PL provider that always goes the extra mile, so you can focus on your business - not logistics. Explore our retail and direct-to-consumer services.

We Rise to Any Challenge

Our clients value our flexibility and willingness to say “yes” to their requests – and they know we'll come through for them.

We work hard to ensure our clients understand all aspects of what they are asking for, no matter how complex. We'll find solutions they did not know were possible, and go above and beyond and deliver to specifications that bring them across the finish line. 

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…And That Goes for Pricing, Too

Even similar products can require vastly different fulfillment plans. Get a fresh perspective with a free, comprehensive cost analysis and quote designed specifically for your inventory.

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We Deliver the Goods

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Complete Omnichannel Integration

Maintain your company’s agility with integrations across all EDI providers and D2C, eCommerce, and CRM platforms.

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Value-Added Services to Advance Your Business

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